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Package Detail

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Basic Wash | Maintenance Wash

Coupes | Sedans $150
Trucks | SUV's $200


Introducing our Basic Wash package: a thorough exterior hand wash paired with an interior vacuum and clean. We'll restore your car's shine with a meticulous hand wash, removing dirt and grime. Inside, our team will vacuum and tidy up, leaving your vehicle fresh and spotless. Give your car the essential care it deserves with our Basic Wash package – because simplicity shouldn't compromise quality.

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Premium Detail

Coupes / Sedans $395
Trucks/ SUV's $595

  • Introducing our Premium Detail package, the ultimate in car care for both the interior and exterior. Our skilled team goes beyond the basics to deliver a comprehensive clean, using advanced techniques such as steaming and carpet dirt extraction to remove even the toughest stains and grime from your vehicle's interior. We'll hand wash the exterior to perfection, followed by a meticulous buff and wax to restore its shine and protect the paint. With our Premium Detail package, your car will look and feel brand new, inside and out.

  • Pet hair removal (+50)

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