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Why We Use BRAY Windshield Skin

Windshield Skin is the leading window film protection company in the automotive market. Their window skinprotects  windshields against common road hazards and debris that occur in every day life. Windshield Skin was developed in 2004, and has since undergone significant advancements. 

Scratch & Chip Resistant 

There are many dangerous hazards while driving on busy highways and cluttered city streets. Windshield Skin protects your windshield from rock chips, wiper blade abrasions, road debris, and any other dangerous materials on the road that are invisible to the naked eye. It also absorbs whatever objects that hit the windshield to prevent cracking and pitting, assuring that you have the best windshield protection.

Accident Safety

Windshield Skin will help protect you if you happen to be in a car accident. Windshield skins prevent from glass shattering keeping you and you passengers safe from injury. The window skin is also often used on side and rear windows for "Smash and Grab" protection, offering your valuable belongings and your passenger's belongings left in the vehicle added protection from theft. 

Weather Friendly

Windshield Skin's material offers protection against bad weather such as hail, snow, and hard water. The smooth seamless application allows for water and snow to slide & bead off effortlessly. The window skin helps prevent hard water spots and damage from hail storms as it absorbs the penetration to protect your windshield., 

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